Show Your Love

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.” Surely in our journey through life, we all seek happiness. A few years ago I spoke to a large group about the need to both show love and express love to those around us if we wanted to be happy.  After the presentation, I received the following note from a widow in attendance. 

“I am 80 years old, born into a good family. My grandmother was the daughter of a prominent leader but I never heard grandma say the word love. My mother was the second of eight children. I was the second of three. I never saw my mother and father hug or kiss. I was raised during the depression. My father was a traveling salesman. He would sign his letters, “ooddles of love” but that was the only time I ever heard or read that word.

“My mother died at 97, I visited her every day the last seven years. She never said I love you once, and I never said it to her. Mother had never ever hugged or kissed me. I kissed her casket ---first time. I am the mother of five sons and one mentally handicapped daughter. She is the only one I can hug and kiss.

“My husband was very starved for any physical affection too. We never slept together – he took his own life. All of this I now realize is that I was starved for some physical affection. Keep teaching this message. Thank you!” Naomi

Notice how the lack of affection in Naomi’s childhood affected her marriage and even the interaction she had with her own children. In all too many cases the things we most disliked about our own upbringing are repeated later in our own lives. Have you ever been affected by the lack of love and affection?  Everyone craves love. It is a basic human need. George Sand said, “There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.” No matter what we accomplish in life it will be of little meaning if we do not give love and receive love. To be loved, we must show love.


• To give love and receive love is a basic human need
• If you want someone to love you then you should love them first
• When we do not feel loved, it can lead to inner conflict, confusion, frustration and anger
• When we feel love, it frees us to accomplish the mission we have in life

Make a new resolve to show and express love to those you associate with. 



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