13+ million downloadable songs with most tracks are priced around $0.49 each.

Groove Shark

World's largest on-demand music streaming and discovery service.


Custom radio that plays what you want
 and allows you to discover new music that you may like. 

Last FM

Effortlessly keeps record of what you listen to, based upon your taste from any player. 


Lets you find the name of a song by simply singing it for 10 seconds. 

Music AOL

Free music videos, AOL Radio, free music downloads, music news, and search artists.

My Space Music

Breaking entertainment news, music news, new music, giveaways, videos and games.

Note Flight

Write your own music online and then be able to print out the music sheets. 


New kind of radio stations that play only music you like.


Create personalized radio station based on your favorite artists.

Tune In

Local, music, sports, talk radio that also allows you to browse music by genre. 

Yahoo Music

My music, videos, radio, artists, music blogs, photos, charts, exclusives and news

YouTube Disco

Create a video playlist of your favorite artists on youtube.


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