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Amazon Music

Shop 19 million songs and play your music from the cloud on your Kindle Fire, Android device, PC, Mac, or iPad. 


Download to get over 15 Million free songs and videos. 


Unique discovery-and-download destination for music enthusiasts with catalog to help cultivate music collection.


Free application for your Mac or PC that lets you organize and play digital music and video on your computer. 


Unlock millions of songs on demand for $9.99 per month. 


The number one music subscription download site with all the music you want on your phone or web.  

Pay Play

Offers lower prices and bigger selection to downloadable music in all genres.

Pure Tracks

Behind-the-scene music partner that helps brands, retailers, labels, telecom companies capitalize on digital music opportunity.


Digital jukebox: for $10 a month you can listen to whatever you want, whenever you want, on whatever gadget you choose.


$9.99 per month gets you full access to all the music you want, plus, get all your favorite music videos.


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