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All Movie Guide

Site allows users to search for general information, cast and crew, synopses of plot and reviews. 

Common Sense Media

Provides trustworthy information, education, voice in media, tech world we live in.


Leading online destination for movie enthusiasts with 30M unique monthly visitors and 2 billion movie ratings. 


Rate movies, get recommendations, find movies, snapshots and news desk. 

Kids In Mind

Enable adults to determine whether a movie is appropriate for them and their children, according to their own criteria.


Premier online content network for info/entertainment; dive into things people care most about. 


Gives families the tools needed to understand, navigate and impact culture in which they live.

Roger Ebert

Movie reviews, one minute reviews, great movies, answer man, commentary, festivals, oscars, letters and store. 

Rotten Tomatoes

Leading online destination for movie enthusiasts with over 2 billion movie ratings.


Instant access to thousands of in-depth reviews listing content you might find objectionable.

Yahoo Movies

Explore news, videos based on what others are reading and watching.


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