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Answer Gem

There are 20 plus experts available online for you to ask questions and get answers fast.

Ask Medical Doctor

Free answers from a medical doctor for all of your medical questions.

eHealth Forum

Health forums, ask a doctor, blogs, videos and health pages. 


Information about conditions and answers to medical questions for physicians and patients

Healthcare Magic

Get answers from Doctors Online, 24x7 and ask 2 follow up questions after the first question.

Just Answer

Ask questions and get answers where a new question is answered every 9 seconds. 

Mayo Clinic

Find information on hundreds of conditions plus check your symptoms and improve your lifestyle.


The world’s largest medical community with over 12 million monthly visitors. 


Diseases and conditions, symptoms checker, procedures, tests and medications. 

Web MD

Health A-Z, drugs and supplements, healthy living, eating and diet, parenting and  teen health.


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