Site provides 30 specific thing that you can do to build a strong happy marriage.  

Creating Strong Marriage

Proven research that shows you how to create and strong and satisfying marriage. 

Family Dynamics

Helps churches and organizations take steps to prevent marriages from reaching a state of crisis, and to help those who have.

For Your Marriage

Catholic site for ideas on dating and engaged, parenting and family and a marriage resource center. 

Happily Every After

Blog about marriage, happiness, balance, spirituality, and parenthood. 

Marriage Advice

Marriage advice from professional counselors and educators.

Marriage Builders

Educates you in what it takes to have a sensational marriage articles, forums, coaching and courses. 

Marriage Helper

Gives adice to helps people truly experience what married love should really be.

Strengthening Marriage

Resource for education, products and services for strengthening marriages.

The Couple Institute

Dedicated to helping couples create extraordinary relationships through education and tips to improve relationships.

The Dating Divas

Providing ideas for strengthening marriages, one date at a time.


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