About Grandparents

Topics include grandparents today, project, activities, skills, grandparent names, blogs, quotations about grandparents etc. 

Gaga Sisterhood

Explores what it means to be a grandma today—both the joys and challenges and shares wisdom and resources. 

Grand Gifting

Purpose is to help teach grandchildren to be givers of hope and goodness to the world, and partnering with them to do it. 

Grand Magazine

Mission is to provide grandparents of all ages and in all stages of life both information and inspiration.

Grandma Ideas

A blog featuring categories such as birthday ideas, children books, fun activities, grandma camp, photography, recipes, travel etc. 

Grandma Lizzie’s House

A teacher who works w/ children shares her collected lots of ideas and fun projects for families.  


The site helps grandparents foster connections with grandchildren through activity ideas, advice, gift ideas and recipes. 

Nana’s Corner

A site that includes activities for grandkids, crafts, party ideas, staying in touch, stories, gift ideas, special occasions etc.  

Oma Sally

Blog with emphasis on how today’s grandmothers have fun with, relate to, and communicate with our grandchildren. 

Reading 2U

Storycorder allows grandparents to record an interactive audio book on their computer for grandchildren using easy software.  


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