Better Homes & Gardens

Plant encyclopedia, flowers, regional gardening, plans, landscaping, lawn and yard care.


Vegetables, flowers, plants, perennials, herbs, heirlooms, fruit plants, organics and seeds.  

Dave’s Garden

Articles, videos and 232 forums show you how to start seeds and how to have a great garden. 


Plant finder, weed library, articles, Q&A library, how to projects, videos and pest control. 


Gardening, vegetables and fruits, flowers, pests and problem solutions.  


Garden forums, galleries and the garden directory, 

Jackson and Perkins

Roses, patio plants, perennials and trees, living gifts, for the garden, outdoor living and specials. 

Martha Stewart

Planting, flowers, trees, shrubs, indoor gardens, garden types, theme gardens and theme gardens.

Modular Home Owners

To help homeowners learn more about planting and gardening around the home. 

Organic Gardening

Composite and soil, edibles, ornamentals, organic solutions, pest control, design and wildlife. 

Plant Delights

Plant Delights Nursery is the choice of gardeners and plant collectors looking for the best plants.

Wayside Gardens

Perennials, bulbs, trees, shrubs, roses, vine climbers, edibles, supplies and garden solutions.  


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