Family Traditions


Helps you create family traditions that will hold your family together.

An Oregon Cottage

Embraces traditions that put people above things, embraces simplicity, and finds joy in everyday life.

Contest For Moms

Site includes 81 Christmas tradition ideas to do with your family.

Ladies Home Journal

People across the U.S. share their festive and funny rituals for observing the holiday season.

Organize Our Family

Lists thirty family traditions that build a strong family bond.

Parent Map

Fifteen meaningful holiday traditions and fun family activities to bring your family closer.


14 fun family traditions to start today for memories that will last a lifetime with great ideas from Hallmark

Real Families

Family tradition ideas and examples that will create positive feelings in families if repeated at regular intervals.

Simple Mom

Blog about living intentionally, savoring the little things in life, and keeping things simple.

Tip Junkie

Includes 24 creative family traditions that can turn every day tasks into anticipated traditions.


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