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Years ago while still in college, I sat alone in a hospital waiting room as doctors performed an emergency c-section on my wife Wendy. This was not the “exciting” time we had imagined the birth of our first child would be. Not knowing whether my wife and child were going be alright caused me great concern and serious reflection. I began making commitments what I would do with my life while pleading with the Lord to help my wife and child to come through the surgery successfully.

The timing of that night was perfect in some ways because I was trying to figure out what my purpose in life was. I was taking an organizational behavior class that semester from a professor named Stephen R. Covey, before he became an internationally known author, speaker and business owner. He was teaching his students some of the very principles later found in his bestselling book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. His motivational teaching style and inspiring ideas were having a tremendous impact on me and no doubt played a part in what happened that night.

Three years earlier with little confidence or self-esteem, I was released from Army active duty after being drafted during the Viet Nam era. Having no idea who I really was or what my purpose in life was, one day I ran across an ad for a Dale Carnegie public speaking course. The advertised benefits of the course outweighed my fear of taking it, and I knew I needed to call and register. Although expensive, the class sounded like something that could help me. I was the youngest and most inexperienced person in the class. Most were already successful business executives or salesmen who just wanted to brush up on their public speaking.

To say this course helped me would be a huge understatement. In many ways it changed my life! A little later I attended training by rags to riches businessman W. Clement Stone who turned $100 into a multi-billion dollar insurance empire.  One of my prized positions is an autographed copy of his classic book called Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude that he gave me. Because of that book my way of looking at life changed and I knew I could accomplish my mission if I could just figure out what it was. This book also changed a depressed alcoholic who read it in a public library in Concord, New Hampshire after his wife and child had left him. His name is Og Mandino who began to see his purpose in life and what he was to accomplish. He went on to write his own self help books which sold over 50 million copies including the best seller, “The Greatest Salesman in the World.”

That night as I sat waiting for news about my wife and baby, I saw a little more clearly what my mission in life was to be. I vowed to spend time looking for valuable lessons from life and recording those experiences that taught me lessons. I also promised myself that if I were ever given an opportunity I would share the things I learned with others. I had no illusions that night about becoming a Stephen Covey, Dale Carnegie, W. Clement Stone or Og Mandino, but I did commit to help myself, my family and as many others as possible.

What a relief to finally have the doctor walk into the waiting room and tell me that after a very dangerous situation my wife and new son were going to be fine.  I have never forgotten the commitments I made that night. The very next day I had an experience that taught me a valuable lesson that I never wanted to forget. I got little notebook that fit in my pocket and recorded the experience and the lesson learned. Since that day I have recorded over 9,500 experiences and thoughts that have taught me valuable lessons.

Over the years I’ve had many opportunities to share these experiences and the lessons learned from them. Along the way because of a feeling that would not go away I received a Masters degree and then a Ph.D. in Family Studies. I was fortunate to teach college students for many years and have had the opportunity to give hundreds of speeches in 37 states and several foreign countries. Using the lessons learned, I have also written several books, professional papers and magazine articles in an attempt to keep the vow I made.

Things in my own life and in society have changed dramatically since that night at the hospital. The son born that night and his four younger siblings are all married with families of their own. Over time the ability to share information has taken a quantum leap forward. The internet with its social media sites have opened up a new world that one could only have dreamed of in the past. We now have the ability to gain and share information like no other time in history.   

Recently I have taken the opportunity to be involved in personal coaching some highly motivated individuals. To watch their progress and the things they have achieved has been very rewarding.   But, because of the time element involved with one on one coaching, getting the information I've collected over several decades out to others has slowed down. With this in mind and with the technology now available, I feel it is time to share some of the things I learned in a different format using social media. I hope you will enjoy this site and share it with your friends who may be interested.      




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